Monday, July 7, 2008

40th Reunion - SUCCESS!

40th Reunion – GREAT!


CLASS of 1968 – 40th Class Reunion – GREAT!

Greetings Classmates!

Thanks for your support and participation. We had a GREAT time!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Class History 1968

In the fall of 1964, 344 freshmen stood apprehensively at the door that led to hundreds of spacious, shiny halls beckoning the entrance of these new additional members of the John W. Ligon Family. To some members of this new family, these halls were quite familiar; to others, they were strange paths to be learned. But for all of the new family, these corridors represented a network of roads which would slowly open for them trails to unknown adventures and new opportunities. Both the number of halls and their complexity of structure required the constant aid of the following guides to direct the passage of these newcomers through their new venture: Mesdames M. R. Cook, M. W. Blakely, E. L. Clark, M. B. Lindsey, S. V. Perry, G. A. Lee, O. D. Noble, L. H. Webb, M. D. Aldrich, B. P. Ingram, A. M. Levingston, E. D. Toole, E. H. Perry, Miss E. M. Yeargin, and Messieurs P. H. Williams', L. W. Herndon, H. A. Poole, and C. A. Haywood.

As the ninth grade year began, the pitter patter of the feet of this. wonderful family could be heard faintly down many halls, but in the academic and athletic halls, they were heard louder. Michael, Dae completed the year with the highest average, and on the hall of football the following persons were making sound' steps: Perry Crutchfield, Calvin Hayes, Alfred Poole, Jesse Singletary, Tony Evans, William Walker, David Byrd, Raymond Powell, Charlie Grimes, Phillip Mitchener, John Moore, Lawrence Collins, and trainer, Charles Holden.

During our tenth grade year, the new family was enormously increased by our brothers and sisters from the Washington School. Many of us had gotten our bearings and we had begun to explore many other entrances of learning and activity. Mildred McKinley, Gail Flagg, Yvette Faulk, and Iris Rogers had brought new spirit to the cheerleaders. The championship baseball team was being run by George Jones, Roger Baldwin, William Bridges, Raymond Powell, Lawrence Upperman, Samuel Clarkson, and Lemuel Jones. The following boys began making layups in the basketball corridor: Robert Kearney, Charles Rodman, Archie Matthews, Charles Burrell, Lawrence Collins, Lemuel Jones, Tony Evans, Alfred Poole, Earl Dunston, Jesse Singletary, Leotha Forte, and Charlie Grimes. William Blakely was the trainer.

As we turned off the main corridor and entered the art room, we found exquisite paintings exhibited by Edwin Worth, Dennis Stiles, Delmar Graham, Douglas Alston, Emmett McNeill, Sterling Bert, James Jenkins, and Wilhemenia Graham. The debating corridor was invaded by Vivian Logan during the sophomore year. She was joined later by Delmar Graham, Mamie Sanders, Gail Flagg, Brenda Ho.ige, Joyce Fleming, Eppmethus Williams, and Barbara Johnson. In tennis, Calvin Hayes, Edwin Worth, Emmett McNeill, Clarence Merritt, Fabette Smith, Vivian Logan, and Evelyn Lewis made their grand smashes. The academic year was completed with Evelyn Lewis making the highest average. The door to an outstanding hall was flung open when Delmar Graham attended the Governor's School in the art category while Evelyn Lewis attended in the academic area.

By the junior year, our family had walked the corridors of many areas and they had also made significant contributions. The eleventh grade year was a red letter one. As we glance into the STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICE, we see Vivian Logan, Vice-President; Michael Dae, Treasurer; Carole Taylor, Secretary; and Genese Wilder, Assistant Secretary. The hallway of academics is crowded by the following National Honor SocietyInductees: Toney Bethea, Leroy Knight, Evelyn Lewis, Janet Howard, Carole Taylor, Frank Weaver, Michael Dae, Wilton Wallace, Brenda Mason, Clarence Merritt, William Moore, Fabette Smith, Iris Rogers, Mildred McKinley, Leon Penny, and John Moore. Likewise, the Mu Alpha Theta has witnessed the footsteps of Frank Weaver, Yvette Faulk, Marilyn Merritt, Clarence Merritt, Carolyn Lee, Janet Howard, Fabette Smith, Brenda Mason, Carole Taylor, Gregory Mial, John Moore, Wilton Wallace, Evelyn Lewis and Michael Dae.

As we left the gym corridor, we proceeded to the track field where such noted stars as Leotha Forte, Lawrence Uppermann, Bobby Robinson, Aubrey Sanders; Dennis Stiles, Jesse Singletary, and Perry Crutchfield sprinted.

During our junior year, science laboratories were exploding with great achievements by Carolyn Lee, Yvette Faulk, Sandra LaSane, Jane Jackson, Leon Penny, Perry Crutchfield, Michael Dae, and Frank Weaver. Our hall of history provided us with the first two Negroes to serve in the North Carolina State General Assembly, Evelyn Lewis, Pagette, and Frank Weaver, Page.

In the business branch of the school, Carolyn Joyner sped up the pace by gaining second place in the district typing contest.

Breath-taking entrances were exhibited at the Junior Senior Prom. The Theme "Mardi Gras" received exciting response, for this added the last touch of color to our junior year.

The door to this year was sealed with Brenda Mason's achieving highest academic honors.

For three years now, Ligon's halls have offered bright new gateways for its inhabitants. These corridors have nurtured energetic ninth graders over the years, to become wise, responsible men and women of the present age.

As 237 seniors unsealed the doors to unlimited passageways for the last time, brighter corridors were excitedly awaiting their travels. As we approached the hall of honor, we found our class officers: Michael Dae, President; Brenda. Mason, Vice,-President; Janet Howard, Secretary; Yvette Faulk, Assistant Secretary; Toney Bethea, Treasurer; Charlie Grimes, Parliamentarian; and Vivian Logan, Historian. In the same corridor, Carole Taylor leaves footsteps of leadership as President of the Student Council. Eight outstanding seniors left their trails as National Achievement Winners: Frank Weaver, Brenda Mason, Clarence Merritt, Carole Taylor, Fabette Smith, Wilton Wallace, Evelyn Lewis, and Michael Dae.

The Home Economics Hall glittered with achievements by Brenda Mason as Betty Crocker Scholarship winner and Mildred McKinley as the recipient of the Edna Walker Home Economics award.

The corridors in the shop area were kept firmly in place by the accomplishments of Calvin Peebles, who won fourth place in the District Bricklaying Contest. These corridors of new experience provided a sound foundation for students of carry out into the community. Willie Duell demonstrated this as Disc Jockey for a local radio station. Yvette Faulk and Vivian Logan opened pathways as Hudson-Belk's Teen Fashion Models.

After leaving the academic pathways, we filed to the music room, where the walls were bulging with the vibrating sounds of Joyceling Baines, Toney Bethea, Clarence Lucas, Aubrey Sanders, Gail Flagg, Vivian Logan, Leotha Forte, Lawrence Upperman, Bernard Davis, Carolyn Joyner, Suzzette Freeman, Bobby Robinson, Edward Hall, Richard McInnis, Earl Atwater, Abraham Green, Larry Walton, and Wilton Wallace. Grand entrances to the stage were made by the senior thespians as they performed in the senior class play "Eye of the Needle". Members of the cast, Delmar Graham, Wilhemenia Graham, William Moore, Carolyn Lee, Toney Bethea, Eppmethus Williams, and Bernard Davis also accepted their final applause at the production of our Festival Play "John Doe".

The halls of the John W. Ligon Senior High School have provided passageways to fulfill the ambitions, aspirations, and dreams for active members of tomorrow's world. Through these halls have walked the LIGON FAMILY OF 1968.